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Professional singing lessons in the heart of Sunderland.

Singing is a skill that many people, of all ages, look to harness for pleasure, creating music and of course performing. Yet, it is a skill that for many people is daunting to develop - while singing is a very personal instrument it is perhaps less daunting than many people think. As a professional vocal coach, I have worked with many voices over the years and I have the knowledge to help you develop your vocal ability no matter what your current level is.

There is no need to be shy at all, great teachers will help to make feel calm and confident even in your first lesson to ensure that you concentrate on your voice rather than your nerves.

I cover a huge range of different musical genres, enabling my students to learn to sing by utilising the music that they are passionate about. Whether it would be musicals, pop, rock or more classical styles of singing I cover it all.

During our lessons we will also focus on different techniques for your voice so you can build vocal strength as well as control - it is this knowledge that will really help you create tone in your voice that you are aspiring for. For more information about the content that we cover during my singing lessons here at Singing Lessons Sunderland simply get in touch via the contact page or email info@singinglessonssunderland.com.

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